Saturday, August 1, 2015

Baxter is a big boy

  tummy time!
holding his head up at 4 weeks old!

Chelsea and Noah are hosting a brunch tomorrow for their childbirth class teacher and the other three couples in their class---it will be fun for them to be able to see each others babies and hear their stories.  I'll bet Baxter was born the fastest!!!

Much to blog about

I have two great workshops to post blog reports on---but need more time to get into those.

But I have news to share---can't believe I did this but I opened a new booth in a new Antique shop on Johnson Drive in Shawnee---Antique Artisans---today is the first open day and I finished setting up my booth at ten o'clock this morning.  It is located at 11007 Johnson Drive in Shawnee KS.

More later!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Packing day

Today is packing day---I am getting ready to leave early in the morning to drive to Crosslake Minnesota---hitting the road at 6 AM---or least I hope to.

                                        This little guy is still on my mind---missing him!

I bought an old Pearl McGown pattern on yucky burlap and transferred it to linen---It is called Fireside Fancy and it has stirred up ideas in my mind to hook it like a paisley shawl.

Since I took this picture I have gone over the faint lines so it is easier to see...I am currently intrigued by looking at some of these old patterns and looking at them in a new way...will see what comes of it.

Well back to packing.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Back in Kansas and missing California weather

I returned to Kansas just in time for the heat wave---wishing for some more California weather.

I am having home classes this week so it was a struggle today to get everything unpacked and put away---but I did it!

Missing Baxter...

I love my grandma

I am milk drunk

I love my mama

Getting ready to leave in a week for Minnesota and Nebraska---back to reality!!!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Only one more week in California

My time in CA is coming to an end---Doug leaves tomorrow after extending his trip because of Baxter arriving 10 days late.  My sister is here until tuesday  and then I leave on Saturday...looking forward to a few quiet days before I leave.  Yesterday Chelsea wanted a quiet day with no one around so we left and went to Napa for the day---enjoyed the trip but not the traffic.  Visited a couple of my favorite wineries---Cakebread and Fransiscan as well as Heitz and V Sattui which were not.

Looking forward to the Alameda Antique Faire on Sunday.

Here are a few new pictures of Baxter.

Happy fourth of July!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Baxter is here!!!!

Baxter made a grand entrance into this world---my daughter is a rock star!!!

She went into early labor around midnite---contractions irregular and far apart---went for a walk in her neighborhood around noon---contractions around 5 minutes apart but coping---called the doula to come and whamo---here comes Baxter---Noah driving to the hospital with Chelsea and the doula in the backseat trying not to push---left their house at 3 PM and Baxter was born at 3:28 with no drugs--nurses were awesome---we missed the delivery by about 5 minutes as Noah had no time to give us warning.

                                                       Love you baby Baxter!!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Still no Baxter

Come on guys---send Chelsea some MOJO---this baby needs to be born!  Maybe if you all think some positive vibes he will feel it and will want to come on out.  She and Noah have invested a lot of time and effort into having a natural childbirth and she is not wanting to be induced---scheduled for next Tuesday.  We have walked and walked---as well as having tried lots of other things---Last night
we went to Skipolini's Pizza and had the Prego Pizza---also foot reflexology, accupuncture, and lots of other  things.

I have been hooking on Twirly Whirly---not a great picture but am happy with how it is turning out.