Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Texas two times

September took me to Texas twice---and since I used to live in Texas it was like going home.

My first trip was to San Antonio for the ATHA Biennial...those Texans really know how to throw a great party---many thanks to Tricia Travis and her gang for really doing a great job.

I taught a Grenfell class and had a wonderful group of students.




Here is view of the riverwalk outside the hotel---a lovely place for a morning walk, in spite of dealing with a broken toe.

when i got back from San Antonio I finished preparing for the Two Stars in Texas Fredericksburg camp, and again Tricia did a great job of following up her Biennial efforts with running this camp.

I had a great group of students ---they worked on some great rugs!

Fleece Navidad a fun pattern hooked by Judith---such jolly sheep!

Burnham Medallion  an old  Pearl McGown pattern hooked by Victoria---this one took some trial and error with the colors but it is going to be a beauty!!!

Pere Noel a Woolley Fox pattern---Santa got a new face, a job well done, Jeanne!!!

She was having seconds thoughts about doing this pattern---I told her I knew she could do it!

This Poppy pattern is my design and Sandra was doing her first wide cut---found a picture of a Himalayan poppy which was purple and would match her bedroom colors---the center was so much fun and the green colors will also become the leaves in the background. 

Sue chose a Karla Gerard pattern in a 16 by 20 size---fun bright flowers with a dark wallpaper look background---Sue was delighted to have her name drawn by me for free registration for next years camp!    Yeah Sue!

Janie was working on a pattern by Mary Johnson called Garden Retreat---a great small rug---and a beautiful job of hooking!!!

Marilyn was working on one of Tricia's antique postcard patterns of an easter bunny in a #6 and #8 cut---lots of primitive shading and took some interpretation on both our parts because the wool was kitted by Tricia---it was a fun pattern to work on!

Sitting Pretty was a Martina Lesar pattern---this is Elvis, Joanne's Birman cat---he has quite the attitude!  We changed the shape of his head to look more like his picture.  Fun flowers and a geometric border will add much to this pattern.

Becky was hooking my Paisley pattern called Paisley for Faye---she got a lot done in addition to going bike riding two morning!  Way to go Becky!

Bob chose a pattern by Sally Kallin called Kathy's Eagle ---his first rug camp given to him and him wife Sandra (poppy) for his 80th birthday---this was his first time to do an #8 cut rug---great job Bob!

This is the link to the original pattern but Sandy wanted the deer to look more realistic---so here is our redrawn version---great job Sandy!

Lynda chose this Need'l love Halloween pattern---we had lots of fun with this one---check out the lettering with the black and white bow tie wool!  Way to go Lynda!

Larry was my fine hooker and chose this Jacqueline Hansen winter pictorial.  We added some fun textures in the barn, silo and the rock wall---can't wait to see what he decides to hook when he is in my class in Seattle---I'm still voting for the Koi!

Cora was working on Woolley Fox  Pineapple Pattern---that is Paisley in the centers of the Pineapple sections.  With a dark brown/black background those pineapples will really pop! Love it!

Cyndee made more progress on "Comstock"  which she started with me at a previous camp--this if one of my favorite versions I have helped color plan.  This is a pattern that I will hook again someday---but this one will be hard to beat!

Stephanie was working on an impressionistic floral that she had previously worked on and we refocused on some of the areas that she was not completely happy with.  Perseverance pays off!

My awesome class---minus Stephanie and Judith.

And now for my grandson Baxter---thank you all for letting me know how cute he is!!!


Love my 501's!

In his lederhosen for Octoberfest!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

An attempt to catch up

So much has happened since I last posted so this will not be as detailed as my normal posts and for that I apologize.

This summer I had a great workshop in Crosslake Minnesota followed by a return trip to Milford Nebraska---both workshops were great.

Here are a few pictures from the workshops.

this is my Paisley on Paisley pattern hooked by Jan at a previous workshop---so fun to see it completed!

This is a rug started by Julie to go in her bedroom---it is going to be beautiful!
  Great class picture!
 A fun night out to dinner on the lake!

From here I drove to Nebraska for another workshop with Judy and Jan in Milford NE.

On my way I stopped to do a bit of is my favorite little stool I bought---the before and the after!

Here is a sampling from Nebraska

 Joyce was working hard on these delightful turkeys!
 A great sampler by Linda!
 Another great primitive floral by Karen.
 Three Blooms a Karla Gerard Pattern hooked by Jane---great flower center!
Dana was hooked my Hannah pattern---not one but 4 in total to put on her cabinet doors!  Hope to see a finished picture when she gets them all mounted and hung!

Home again for a short time before leaving to teach for The Salt River hookers in Mexico MO.

Here are some highlights from the workshop.

 The Camp director at work!  Great job Cheryl!
 Nancy was on a roll and finished her bunny---a baby gift!
 Here is Linda's Peacock---I am going to try to post the final picture---she hooked the background straight and added some beads and mounted it on her sewing box---so clever.

   A very majestic Eagle hooked by Bonnie!
 Jeana is off to a very good start on this Santa pattern---a jolly santa in the sleigh!
 Julie's Primitive Grace pattern is looking awesome---fun patterns to hook!

I drew this antique adaptation for Kari who wanted to work with standing wool---I am in love with this and want to do one myself---can't wait to see her progress on this!
  Jackie is on her way to a great oriental---Small Frost---vibrant jewel tone colors!

What a group of delightful women!

 In addition to all this I just returned from the ATHA Biennial in San Antonio Texas but that will have to be another post.  I am also preparing for my return trip to Texas to teach in Fredericksburg at the end of the month.

But I can't close this post without a few pictures of Baxter.

 Having home classes today so have to go get busy!

Hope everyone is having a great summer---will post about the Biennial soon.