Friday, July 18, 2014

Oakland here I come

Leaving this morning for Oakland.    My daughter Chelsea and her husband are replacing their old deck on the house they purchased two years ago.  My hubby has been there since Sunday working on it and the plan is to have an open house  while we are there to celebrate two years of yard work and share with their family and friends.  My job is party planning although I think I will get roped into what the boys are calling "play" and working on the deck.

Here are some pictures...

Here is the before---

Progress is being made---yeah!

I am winding down from wedding mode and getting back into the swing of things.  The weather in Kansas has been delightful this week so did a lot of running and biking.

Well time to get in line for boarding.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dye pots, vintage market, fighting off a cold etc.

I have been in the dye pots yesterday and today catching up on orders and getting ready for some upcoming workshops.  I also straightened the shelves in my wool room :)

Friday I went to the vintage market---here are some of my goodies:

This was already sold but I thought it was a neat idea to make a wine rack out of my old ladder

this was a giant flower frog---that is a dime next to it---it is 7.5 inches side and 3.5 inches tall---it had to come home with me

this was a great pair of suitcases---plan to keep them and take a couple of others ones out to my shop

this is an oily rag can for my son in law---he had just told me he was looking for one when he was here for the wedding---he has been looking for 6 months---and there it was at Bella Patina---I have a very happy son in law!

they also was an ash shovel to clean out their fireplace from an opening outside their house---I found a cute green one for only $6.00

Okay now for a few more wedding pictures---can't wait to get pictures from the photographer.

Here are some of our details
 the cupcake tower before the cupcakes
 Table settings---mismatched china and silver
 the view toward the vineyard

 A view from the rooftop deck
 First dance
 Father /daughter first dance
A quiet moment with mom

Okay that is it for tonite!  Time to go get the wool out of the washer and fix dinner---Anita

Thursday, July 3, 2014

June 28, 2014 Sarah and Philip's wedding

Okay here it is---the first peek at the wedding.  The rain stopped and it was a mad dash to go with an outdoor wedding ceremony.  These photos are courtesy of Matt King---my running buddy and friend---Kelly's husband.  I am  looking forward to going through 3000 photos to pick out 400 to edit from our photographer Shawn Bradley.  Giving other credits---kudos to Blue Moon Caterers in Wichita for some great food and wonderful staff, and Joshua May, the DJ who did an amazing job.  The event center Grace Hill provided a beautiful setting for their wedding.

The bride, with her sister and father entering the ceremony

Mom reading a poem to her daughter fighting off tears

 Sarah and Philip saying their "I do's"

the newly married couple

The last of our company left yesterday and I am still in recovery mode---so much more to tell...but right now it is 53 degrees outside and I am going out for a much needed run.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rain Rain go away---Sarah's wedding is today!

It is early Saturday morning---the big day we have been waiting for and it is pouring down rain.

Sure hoping it comes to an end---my mind is trying to think abut plan B---moving the wedding inside and not wanting to do that---praying for some blue sky to appear.

It has been fun to have our family friends join us for the event---we are heading to the winery to decorate this morning.  I woke up at 3 AM and could not get back to sleep so I got up and ironed by daughter's petticoat and other attire that needed pressing---ironing is one of my least favorite things to do but it passed the time.  I am sitting in the hotel lobby, alone drinking my coffee and pondering the events of the day.  What to do?  I guess the best thing to do is to accept it as there is nothing I can do to change it.  Just enjoy the day and make the most of it!  Right?

Here is a picture of Doug and I trying out the photo booth AP on the computer when we were at home.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pre Wedding Jitters

My youngest daughter's wedding is fast approaching---over a year of planning and now it is almost here.  The wedding will be June 28th at Grace Hill Winery in Whitewater Kansas.  It will be a fairly small (80 person) affair but we have put a lot of effort into the details and I am hoping for a wonderful day for Sarah and Philip.  Lots of vintage touches and I am excited to see how it all turns out.  I promise some pictures but hope to not bore you.

I will be bringing the rug that I hooked for them and bringing "mom"---I had a last minute push to get her done so she could come to the wedding---here is is---she has been a work in progress as I worked hard to bring my vision to life---the photo I worked from was when she was about 18 years old, just before she got married...unfortunately the marriage did not last but it lasted long enough to bring me into the picture, the youngest of four.  She died from Hodgkins when I was 9 at the young age of 38.  

Pauline Loux

After the wedding I will be in teaching mode as prepare for my late summer and fall workshops.  Have a great summer!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Better late than never

I can't believe that I have not posted for about 6 weeks---I have some excuses but I will try to play catch up tonite.

So here goes...

I ran with the cows---

A 5K race in the country---I placed first in my age group---yeah!

I had a wonderful Mother's day and got to be with my youngest daughter Sarah to try on her wedding dress which arrived earlier in the week.

The wedding is now only 4 weeks away which accounts for a lot of my lack of postings---still many details to take care of but getting things done every day.  Last night I was polishing silverplated flatware---more to do!  I purchased a lot of fine china with silver bands and blue, yellow, grey  and white flowers on them at thrift stores and craigslist for very little money---just lots of time and effort but can't wait to see the tables come together.

I drove to Odenville Alabama to teach a workshop for the Wool Sisters---another fun workshop with a great group of women.

 Whatnots, a Woolley Fox pattern hooked by Elaine---love that paisley!

Paisley Primitive a new pattern I designed for Faye---I think it is going to be a great pattern and four of the girls from the workshop ordered the pattern.

This is a redesigned Susan Quicksall  tote pattern turned into a rug hooked by Ruth---she turned the motifs into all cats and one dog and the rug is going into a silent auction for a no kill cat shelter---Ruth loves bright colors and this was fun to work on.

Libby was hooking this mermaid for her granddaughter---what fun we had turning  this mermaid into a fun rug using some interesting spots plaids and stripes.  The background of the flag is The wool studios blue plaid with sparkles---great job on the little stars.

Becki's goal with this pattern was to do a primitive pattern and hook the motif to look old and wonky---which was not her normal style---I think she achieved it.

Another mermaid was a Nola Heidbreder pattern---Dana used a mix of materials including sari silks, yarns and a wool challis scarf---it is going to have a proddy edge.  A mermaid in the deep blue sea!

Gail was hooking Alice in Wonderland for her granddaughter---sadly she only got to stay one day so she had to work hard but she got a good start and we color planned a lot of the rest of the patter

Mary was hooking this family rug---not much more to go!  Is it finished Mary?

Dawn was working on some pieces that were already in progress from previous workshops---she finished one and almost finished another one.

Sharon started this Michelle Micarrelli  pattern---what a fun squirrel!  She is off to a great start.

Bobbie started this Early Farm scene---she had a picture of an early rug that she was working this i-one in the style with the back outlining---she also  worked on another piece for awhile but went to this one.  A great old looking primitive.

Linda was working on this large version of Paisley Hex that she started with me a couple of years ago---it was adapted by me with permission from House of Price by Charlotte when she had the business.

this is one of Wendy's pattern---if you haven't gotten her new book about wide cut hooking be sure to order it---mine came from Rug Hooking magazine when I got home from the workshop---it is a great book that you will want to have!!!

Gail was hooking Alice in Wonderland for her granddaughter---sadly she only got to stay one day so she had to work hard but she got a good start and we color planned a lot of the rest of the pattern.

This is pizza smoking and cooking on our Traeger grill---it is great!!!

We have had some awesome meats.

Training for a 10K race on June 7th---hoping it is not real hot that morning---my body does not like the heat!  It is called Hospital Hill and yes it is hilly!

Ok---that is it for now---I'll try to be better about posting.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rock the Parkway

Well I ran my first half marathon of 2014 on Saturday morning.  My body was not prepared for the heat---it was in the upper 60's and it felt good for the first three miles and then I got overheated and ended up having to walk parts of the course as I was getting light headed.  I still managed to complete the race in two and a half hours---about 11 minutes longer than last year---so while it was not my best race I did my best on that given day---I gave it all I had...while I was 13th in my age group I was the fastest 64 year old woman---next year I will move up and age group to the 65-69 and I'll be the young one in the group  :)  and will hope for a cooler day.

My next race is in two weeks---The Trolley Run and it is only 4 miles!  Yeah!!!

I decided to treat myself yesterday to a massage after the run at Milagro's Midwestern Spa---they just moved into their new location in old downtown Overland Park...I told them I wanted a sports massage on my legs but wanted to walk away feeling relaxed as well---and that was what I got.  I am sore this morning but think I would have been more sore without it---time will tell.  He did some great stretches with my arms and legs as well.

Next Saturday we are going to Grace Hill Winery where my daughter's wedding will be in June and participating in a Build your own wine day.

Hoping we come up with a special blend to use for the wedding reception.  Here is the link to the label Sarah created for the white wine.

I am teaching home classes this week and also planning on spending Thursday and Friday in the dye pots.  Lots of new wools to play with.

We are planning on opening up our Fifth wheel at Pomme de Terre lake right after Easter---looking forward to spending a few days at the lake.

I took this picture when I was in Maryland---I had to take a picture after I did a double take!

What fun!

Have a great day!